Bridge Demolition

Bridge Demolition projects, due to their dangerous nature, require extensive expertise and planning. Southern Crushed Concrete has years of experience and can remove various types of bridges safely and efficiently. We are also compliant with all MSDS and TxDOT standards.

The transportation infrastructure system in the United States is continuously changing and expanding, making it necessary to update or replace existing transport structures as they age. Each bridge has its own service life therefore, bridge demolition is an inevitable process. Likewise, as traffic increases and bridge capacities are met, they must be taken down, either partially or completely, to make room for expanding roadways.

Each bridge demolition Southern Crushed Concrete takes on is tailored to the individual project’s needs. We have the equipment and capability to partially remove a bridge or demolish the entire structure. Some of the bridge demolition techniques used are explosives, bursting, hydraulic breakers and dismantling. These are all safe and proven ways to efficiently demolish or partially demolish bridges.

Similar to other demolition projects, Southern Crushed Concrete’s bridge demolition is an effective means to obtain concrete that we can recycle and repurpose as sellable products.

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Watch a time-lapse video of Southern Crushed Concrete demolish a two-span bridge located at Dallas Street over Interstate 45 in downtown Houston, Texas on November 4, 2016.

The existing bridge had structural damage from an oversized load collision and needed to be replaced with a higher clearance bridge. Instead of these materials going into a landfill, Southern Crushed Concrete harvested the used materials to recycle and reuse in other construction projects. In total, 94 tons of steel and 750 tons of concrete was salvaged in an operation that lasted a total of 20 hours. The structure was 138′ in length and constructed with 36 inch steel girders and a concrete deck. Hydraulic concrete breakers were used to remove the bridge deck while a crane and steel shear were used to remove the steel beams.