Concrete Pavement Removal

Concrete pavement removal can be a tedious task when the proper equipment is not utilized. The professionals at Southern Crushed Concrete use machines designed specifically for asphalt and concrete removal, which enable our team to be efficient while offering competitive prices.

There are numerous evident benefits to concrete removal including, but not limited to enhanced property aesthetics, increased greenspace potential within the community, air quality improvements and reduction of costs related to pavement maintenance.

There are numerous aspects you must think to consider when approaching concrete removal. During Southern Crushed Concrete’s concrete removal process, we will pinpoint and avoid all existing underground utilities including gas lines, water mains and telecommunication lines. Once the concrete removal process has been completed, Southern Crushed Concrete will take care of its disposal by utilizing the detached pavement for our various recycled concrete products.
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Trust Southern Crushed Concrete with any and all of your asphalt and concrete removal needs. We have the knowledge and tools to tackle the job efficiently, while saving you money and diminishing the impact on the environment.