Milling is one of the most cost efficient and time conserving methods of recycling base and asphalt from roads. Whether your contract documents state that the recycled base belongs to the owners or you’re in need of a proposal from Southern Crushed Concrete to mill and remove, we are able to handle the job efficiently and expeditiously.

At Southern Crushed Concrete, we use only top of the line equipment for your road milling needs and we are able to remove the full depth of the road or just enough to level and smooth the existing surface. The demolished road surface from each pavement milling project tackled by Southern Crushed Concrete is re-purposed as one of our sellable recycled products.

A full list of Southern Crushed Concrete’s recycled products can be found here.

Road milling serves multiple purposes including repairs to damaged pavement, levelling a paved surface or preparing an existing road for an overlay (adding a new layer to existing pavement rather than replacing the surface in its entirety). Whatever level of service your project requires, Southern Crushed Concrete can provide superior service efficiently and at a reasonable price.