Pavement Removal


Paved surfaces are valuable necessities among our society. They allow us to travel freely from place to place. Paved roads make the transport of goods and people much easier, as they have eliminated many of the barriers we faced prior to their existence. That being said, there comes a time when paved surfaces need to be removed due to changing infrastructure, a need for additional greenspace, or necessary maintenance or repairs.

When removing pavement, various aspects must be considered. Have you identified any and all existing utility and gas lines, water mains or telecommunication lines? Utilizing the help of a professional to complete your pavement removal is recommended, as they have experience recognizing and planning for the smaller details you may not think of yourself.

Southern Crushed Concrete has the tools and experience to ensure your pavement removal goes off without a hitch. Once the removal process is complete, we will take care of the pavement disposal by utilizing it for our various recycled concrete products.