Cold Mix Asphalt

Product Description

Southern Crushed Concrete also makes what is commonly referred to as Cold Mix Asphalt which, depending on the weather, has a shelf life of a couple of months. This product is mainly used as a temporary pothole filler for construction sites or on TxDOT (Texas Department of Transportation) projects until a permanent material can be placed.

A blend of water, asphalt cement, and asphalt primer are combined to create hot mix-cold lay asphalt. The asphalt is mixed in heated conditions and then cooled so it can be stored without setting into a solid mass. When ready for use the asphalt is compacted, forming it into its solid state.

Hot mix-cold lay asphalt is flexible and strong, making it able to withstand fluctuating temperatures. As it is a water-based mix, its use at circulating temperatures reduces emissions and energy needs. Likewise, it can be easily maintained and recycled. Hot mix-cold lay asphalt can be mixed at a plant or on-site in remote locations.

Hot mix-cold lay asphalt makes for a quick pavement surface repair. At Southern Crushed Concrete, we supply quality hot lay-cold mix asphalt as a temporary solution prior to proper roadway repairs or replacement.

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