Railroad Ballast

Product Description

Railroad Ballast is a recycled product commonly made up of crushed limestone or other rock. It is primarily used during the construction and maintenance of railroads, holding the wooden cross ties in place and in turn, holding the rails in place. This product performs several additional functions for railroads: it distributes weight, provides drainage, hinders the growth of unwanted vegetation, and provides firm yet resilient support while allowing for track maintenance to be performed more easily.

Other uses for railroad ballast include underground retention systems to manage storm water, filter dams to capture sediment in natural or constructed drainage ways, and containment berms to enclose spills around various structures.

Railroad ballast made up of recycled materials merits high priority both economically and environmentally in track maintenance planning. Southern Crushed Concrete provides railroad ballast that has been tested and is in accordance with TxDOT (Texas Department of Transportation) and ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) test procedures.

At Southern Crushed Concrete, we can help you determine the right amount Railroad Ballast for your project with our Material Calculator below.

Southern Crushed Concrete obtains its recycled materials through our demolition projects. To view our full list of demolition services, visit our Services page here.


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