Rip Rap

Product Description

Rip Rap is a loose stone used as a foundation for a breakwater. It is also used as a form of erosion control and can be seen on large embankments, shorelines, creeks, rivers and around discharge pipes. It is effective in erosion control, as the rock can adjust to contours along waterlines, allowing vegetation to grow and creating wildlife habitats in and above the water. It absorbs and deflects the impact of a wave before it reaches the defended area, while the gaps between the stacked stones trap and slow the flow of water, lessening its ability to erode the soil or structure. Rip rap is also beneficial for bridge support, as it protects against damage from ice or debris.

The most commonly used sizes of rip rap are Grade 1 (12”-18”) and Grade 2 (18”-24”). This product is easy to install and repair, has a natural appearance and does not harm the environment.

At Southern Crushed Concrete, our rip rap meets the TxDOT (Texas Department of Transportation) and Harris County regulations for placement of the products as erosion protection. Dense broken concrete, stone blocks and other durable material shaped into cubic form make up SCC’s product.

For help determining the necessary amount of rip rap for your project, utilize the Material Calculator below.


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